Fortnite Map Updates and Story Secrets – Week 6

Chapter 3 week 6! Think it’s time to bring back this series?


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41 thoughts on “Fortnite Map Updates and Story Secrets – Week 6”

  1. The IO teams have the same name as SCP MTF units. They also called Jonsey as D204. The SCP Foundation has an O5 council with 13 members. Maybe the IO and the seven once worked together. 7 from the seven, 6 from the IO.
    I feel like Fortnite is going to take some inspiration from SCP Foundation

  2. I only have The Visitor. They should give us a customizable skin called The Infinity, and have it heavily implied but not outright stated it's us in Seven style armour, but we're a looper with who knows how many snapshots. So The Infinity is undefined. Heh.

  3. The reason paradigm/singularity isn’t with them is because they don’t forgive her for what she did back in chapter 1 season 9 she let the residents of the island use the zero point for energy and power and also because she broke the zero point out of the vault making it unstable which completely messed up the sevens plan of keeping the zero point in control.

  4. They should add a new throwable called a lightning rod. It would only work when you are under a thunder cloud, but you could throw it on your enemy's builds to try and set them on fire, or throw it on yourself to give yourself the speed effect. Once you throw it down, you wouldn't be able to pick it up again because it despawns after it gets striked once. If you throw it in a place where there is no thunderstorm, then it will break and you can pick it back up again. There should be another version called a bola. It would wrap around players and would prevent them from shooting for a short time, but they will get struck by lightning, similar to the lightning rod. If you throw the bola on a player outside of a storm, it would just prevent them from shooting for a bit.

  5. Theory, hear me out. So u know that frotnite is just a big loop right, well think about, what if the rocket we seen on the island was the same rocket from season 4, because when we get that dialogue, it mentions how the rocket wasn't a success, just like the one in season 4


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