Fortnite Storyline – 101 Things You Should Know

So, I wasted my last 4 days going through the entire storyline of Fortnite. The video was over an hour long. This is a shorten version covering the most important 101 things every player should know.

From the rocket event of 2018 to the rolling cubes of chapter 2 season 8 and everything in between.



44 thoughts on “Fortnite Storyline – 101 Things You Should Know”

  1. No matter how sweaty this game is. And no matter how horrible my 140- 1000 ping is. I will continue to play. Watching the story unfold is so satisfying and this is the best multiplayer game with friends

  2. 102. Ninja and Dr Lupo (and their viewers) witnessed Kevin arriving on the Island during a tournament. Ninja said Epic grilled him to find out if anyone leaked the news about Kevin to him.

  3. I just had a theory. In fortnite we are only in chapter 2 almost entering chapter 3. In my theory we thought the io were powerful we thought the seven were powerful. we THOUGHT the CUBE QUEEN was powerful but no. Something much more powerful is upon us that we dont even realize. Who is in charge of turning the pages. who is in charge of turning the chapters. What if there are entire BOOKS that somebody even more powerful is in charge of. I have a theory that maybe not the far from now or very far from now. We will learn about an unknown character that we will never beat. Some possible names for him could be, the page turner, the book holder, the entity, and many more names I could think of. But all of this is just a theory.

  4. another fun fact: the 2018/Ch1 Kevin didnt go straight to the queen nor make those little cubes with her, he just sits on a hill similar from when he first arrived in the Ch1 island but a tad smaller

  5. Me who has watched playstation grenade for 3 years, and has seen all of his fortnite storyline videos: You have out smarted my out smartening, but I have out smarted your out smartening of out smarting my out smartening.

  6. I think I just put it together and I don't know if anyone else said it, but the small area under construction near pleasant park is the area for the event like in the trailer, we will probably walk out and work our way towards the queen

  7. Me Realizing That The Banana Skin p33ly And Yond3r Skin from season x might actually be connected and since the zero point is destablizing it makes sense why those skins landed on the island

  8. The australia creative map was teased a lot. Australia is called the land down under, and the ch3 map is rumoured to be under the ch 2 map. I don't think epic would tease a creative map this much unless it was related with ch 3.


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