Friday Night Funkin': Battle For Bikini Botton Movie V1 FULL [Funkin For Bikini Bottom/FNF Mod]

00:00 Preview
00:27 Intro & Menu
00:47 Nuts & Bolts Song
3:59 Freeplays
4:11 On Ice Song
5:29 Doodle Duel Song
7:57 Plan Z Song
11:09 Pimpin Song
13:52 Scrapped Metal Song
18:27 All Game Over Screens
19:05 Outro

Creator’s Note:

Authorities are not sure who is responsible for unleashing the mechanical menaces, but they have assured us that the person is in big BIG trouble!

FFBB is a mod based off of the game; Battle For Bikini Bottom by Heavy Iron Studios. Follow Boyfriend as he battles the giant robots that once terrorized Spongebob’s friends!

The mod contains one story mode stage and five bonus stages. The mod is planned to have much more in store for you in the future so hang on tight.

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FNF: Funkin For Bikini Bottom VERSION ONE
Key Authors

AshyTown – Director, Artist, Animator

PumpkinCity – Manager, Artist, Animator

BarnacleHead – Artist, Animator

Random_Angel – Artist

Numberless – Artist

Vivian Katsura – Aritst, Animator

Nomie – Artist

Mari_chan – Artist

Cool:/ – Artist

GoggledAnimations – Artist

Ovron – Voice Actor

JigglypuffGD – Voice Actor

TheGonzFam – Musician, Voice Actor

TheGrams31 – Musician

Frog101WasTaken – Musician

ShroomKaboomZ – Musician

vtm1ns – Musician

juliaaFNF – Charter

sirj455 – Charter

ItsDecoy_ — Charter, Coder

doubletime32 – Manager, Coder, Charter

vibe_67 – Charter, Coder

Special Thanks

Stephen Hillenburg – Creator of Spongebob
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  1. When i see for firts time the tráiler of Sandy i really wanted to see this!, I alredy love this

    (I am the only one who thinket that robot Sandy have a dead animation or something? 😅🤔)


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