Friday night Funkin' Corruption+ – Fulminate V2 – Instrumental

FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN’ week 5 chrismas update mod! EVIL TANKMAN vs WHITTY!

This episode happens after tankman and his army get defeated completely… With Whitty getting chased by some corrupted fellows and finding someone that he’s familiarized with…

This fnf mod adds a creepy lemon demon version of the bf as well as the gf from the new week 5 christmas update. This weeks of the mod is against Whitty!

Whitty couldn’t escape successfully from the corruption so he has to fight it!

It is currently a work in progress, subscribe for more updates!

You can chat or send fan art here!:
My Discord:
Phantom Fear Discord:

OG Mod: PhantomFear
Corruption+ (this mod): Carlito049
Whitty sprites by me using whitty’s official fla
other soldiers sprites by me
bg by me
arrows by Kodomodachi (YouTube)
tankman icons are made by me
tankman sprites made by me with some help of these flas, and the official tankman flas by Phantom arcade, pls give them some love
Tankman’s voice acting by Fire
the video where this song appears:
Whitty chromatic (big shout-out to this chromatic too)
Chiller spookeez chromatic by
Tankman dwp by
Whitty Dialogue sprites by sock.clip (correct me if wrong)


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