Friday Night Funkin' Genderswap Is…

Friday Night Funkin’ Genderswap Is…

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Animations featured:

Possessed By Disease – Nier Automata – Ding
Breezy – Final Fantasy VIII

Thumbnail – hobqueer, gigidonut

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Specs and Equipment:

Sky L!
Slash’s Review Zone
Michael Afton
Damn of the Pikachus
ahmad fuad
Andrew Ferrara
Lyndan Armytage
Flaming Fighter

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32 thoughts on “Friday Night Funkin' Genderswap Is…”

  1. Okay, I'm a simp for R63. Example, Jojo stands and those stuff. But when it comes to certain characters like lemon demon and Ruv, don't put my name on that list. If they change everything about them, maybe… What y'all think?

  2. My simple theory: R34 artists seems to have a lot of straight males. These males do not wish to feel gay. They make characters in the form that suits their own desires.

  3. I'm gonna rant for a bit hope you don't mind. This is my opinion. Don't waste your time replying if you don't like it.

    Listen I like Friday night funkin. I like playing the game. But I absolutely despise the community. Considering the fact people are complaining about game that was made for an older audience. No offense but the younger audience seems to ruin everything and I'm part of the younger audience but I don't associate myself with them. Don't get me wrong I like the art and everything but seriously it's getting out of control. Especially on tiktok. I knew tiktok was bad but it's even worse. Some people only play FNF to enjoy the game not the community. But ever since this got popular the younger audience has been questioning what's on Newgrounds. When I was a bit Younger I was on Newgrounds knowing what I was getting myself into. But I didn't care I enjoyed it.The problem is today since this game is popular kids all over the internet are questioning stupid things saying what is this video on Newgrounds?? Why is this type of art on Newgrounds?? Newgrounds was a place where you could enjoy yourself peacefully and make animations or videos and just chill and relax with others. Back then a lot of things were allowed back then. But in today's society people wouldn't let it slide. If you hate FNF don't look at the content and try ruining it for others just ignore it and watch something else like anyone else would. Another problem I have with the community is other communities jumping on the stupid trend thinking they'll get popularity. And yea it works and they give credit to the original owners but some communities make it way worse. I don't understand why everyone is so surprised when finding p*rn on Newgrounds the website is for older audiences I can't stress that enough. People are complaining about R34 content all over the community but there's technically p*rn on Newgrounds so why does it matter so much?? I swear it's like every community I get into either the young sensitive audience comes out of nowhere and ruins it for everyone else who just wants to enjoy the game or it's the people on twitter who actively hate everything because they have nothing better to do with their lives. If you try looking at a reaction for mods from a specific YouTuber you have to scroll through tons of Gacha reactions that you don't even want to watch. I'm not hating on the Gacha community or anything but sometimes when they hop in other communities to grow the popularity they do it in a way that makes everyone uncomfortable. Can I just have one peaceful community without a younger sensitive audience complaining about every little God damn thing??? Is that so much to ask for?? Someday when something becomes popular I just hope people won't randomly sexualize,cancel, or try any type of bullshit to ruin the community for everyone else. That's all I wanted to say.

  4. hey just want to say I love the videos man, and I can answer the question of why there is more boys getting gender-swapped. If you really think about it who really looks at rule 34 more, guys or girls? Its guys, so they want to see more of girls because more guys are straight. Thats just what i think.

  5. Friday night Spete-in at it again….
    Next video wil be : Friday Night Funkin' Skins Is….
    Also "Spete watches Friday Night Funkin Rule 34…" Ladies & Gentlemen…… we got EM!! lol

  6. I'm transgender and like I have no problem with it. I just sometimes see it as a "Hey make them appease to straight dudes" or something but like if its good then hell yeah

  7. r63 is pretty epic poggers imo (i'm saying this as a nonbinary trans person btw)

    r34 on the other hand isn't as epic poggers- (i keep finding it from just looking up a fictional character's name on google images and scrolling for a bit because a lot of it is from sites like know your meme, the newgrounds art portal, deviantart and twitter-)

    no joke i once found a drawing from someone's twitter of charles calvin from the henry stickmin collection jacking it-


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