Friday Night Funkin / Lore but Skyblue and Ski sing it (FNF Cover)

Skyblue as matpat, Ski as ourple guy and Faker sky on the Phone.
Lore song by @kiwiquest:
Thanks to Skyblueanon, he made the sketch concepts for the skyblue poses:
@SoniverseU Help me with the cover and the rechart arragements.
Faker Sky Cromatic by Dra9on5 :
Midi use for the base by @Shanisgreat :
Sprites Art and Animation by @Bluefrok

Featured mods:
Ski Sings for You!:

This cover will be available in the next update of Ski sings for you Mod.

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32 thoughts on “Friday Night Funkin / Lore but Skyblue and Ski sing it (FNF Cover)”

  1. Honestly, i don't know why this take that long in be released, this song is already a banger even today, and that plus Ski cover, makes the song even better
    I'm glad you finally do this, cause i love this song
    Great cover

  2. Ok I got 2 problems with this

    -Why doesnt skyblue open her mouth in her arrow poses

    -Why does sky look thiccer than skyblue in ur artstyle

    also lets mention that up pose


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