Friday Night Funkin': Lost to Time [MY VERSION]

Okay, quick info:
I am doing this because i have motivation, and because i like the Song. The FNF Community can’t understand that if someone is “cancelled”, that their songs are not automatically bad. I can say this right now, and i don’t care if i get cancelled or not, Nominal Dingus makes banger songs, i love them, and i know that other people still do.
With that out of the Way, Enjoy.
i used FNF: PyschEngine Shader Build to make this.
Lost To Time Original Song:
FNF Sonic.exe 2.5 Lua Port:
Tails Doll Background, Xenophanes, Majin Sprites by Sonic.exe Team
Play the Original FNF VS Sonic.exe:
Thanks for Watching.


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