FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN' mod EVIL Boyfriend VS Rainbow Friends

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Mod Vs Rainbow Friends:

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40 thoughts on “FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN' mod EVIL Boyfriend VS Rainbow Friends”

  1. I hope theres day 2 to see who wins
    My vote on Evil bf i know the rainbow friends
    But remember what to psycho tails he was about to win but he lost so we need a really powerful entity to win like twinsomia or sonic exe

    Vote on this comment who you think gonna win
    A. Evil BF
    B. The Rainbow Friends

  2. Blue: Oh no! My friends are too weak! That pesky YouTuber we will beat you next time!!! Green: you are not good enough we will
    Defeat u. You’ll see. Me: wow great job u are really great they just don’t like bf and he beat them nice job!


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