FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN' mod Opening Animation Corruption!

FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN’ mod Opening Animation Corruption!

This fnf week 8 mod now includes an anime opening style animation!
The fnf corruption mod adds a corrupt versions of bf, gf, pico, etc.

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The download will be available once the mod is completed!


Visual Credits:
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PhantomFear: Art + Animation:
Twitter: @PhantomFearOP

Yukizakura: Artist
Twitter: @yukizakura1126

Saracuni: Artist + Animation
Twitter: @sacuniUltimate

Dayanci: Artist
Twitter: @dayanci_

BlueGarden: Artist + Thumbnail Art
Twitter: @Oceanlight375

Song Name: “Corruption”
Music Credits:

Funnyleech: Arrangement, Vocalist, Bass Player, Keys Player
Dani Susatyo: Arrangement, Guitar Player
ZhafiraWildhania: Lyrics Writer
WillyJayasukma: Orch.Arranger
LunaticParfait: Producer

FridayNightFunkin by: Ninjamuffin99, PhantomArcade, kawaisprite, evilsk8r

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44 thoughts on “FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN' mod Opening Animation Corruption!”

  1. Woahhhh, this is so well done. Especially for a mod intro! The only thing I can say that kinda ruins the fun for me is how much it’s going to spoil newer players about the events in the mod.

    But then again anime style intros already do that. So that’s more of a jab at general anime intro tropes rather then this specific one. There is really nothing wrong with this.

  2. I mean it's cool on its own, but this is straying really far from what the mod started as and you can't convince me this isn't narrative creep of a pretty high caliber. It feels like a lot of effort to develop something into a different thing that isn't what people came here for. Me, and presumably a good chunk of people who have followed this series for a long enough time, wanted this to be a story of how a calamity is reversed through the power of music and spirit, not how fnf pulls a sonic rpg and becomes about anime fights with someone's funksona.


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