Friday Night Funkin' [MULTIVERSE OF GAMES DEMO!] full showcase

Multiverse of Games DEMO is here! Boyfriend and Girlfriend have gotten into serious trouble in the game Among Us, fight against the impostor Javichu while everything is being destroyed by some unknown cause and travel the worlds to save them!

⚠️ Caution ⚠️
The mod is only in its demo phase, so it doesn’t contain much story, the cinematics are not animated (only sketch phase)
The mod contains flash which could cause problems with sensitive people, discretion is recommended

Mod download!:


Alex’sFurry / AlexitoGames: Mod director, artist, animator, charter and codder
@JavichuGamer : Codder
Cris: Artist and animator
Johan Cuadra: Artist
@SonicFanBoy729 : Musician
@DaggerKnight200 : Musician
@karmicspice : Musician
@xXFK87Xx : Coverist and codder
@Sandel2001 : Codder
@AkemithehedgehogFNF : Charter
ExtremeBossX: Charter
Nahu Carriso: Charter


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