Friday Night Funkin' – Perfect Combo – AI Funkin' Mod [HARD]

I genuinely cannot believe this mod exists, it’s HONESTLY really really scary that it does! Thinking of how much AI has developed over such a short period of time makes me think that we might need to watch out for a Danny Dorito incident in our future as well man! It’s honestly kind of insane seeing all of the art and cutscenes as well as the story and still keeping in mind that this was all AI generated, I mean, I’m SURE there’s some stuff that was touched up or something like that, for example the music, it sounds wayyyy too good to be AI generated, both of the tracks are genuinely just insanely fun to listen to and have a really nice progression of the song! I’d be REALLY afraid if that was all made by an AI too LMAO. Either way, super cool experiment and an amazing mod! Hope you guys enjoy!
Link to mod:

0:00 – Synthetic Music
3:25 – Not Just Any Boy

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Channel Info:
This channel consists of videos about modifications to a rhythmic video game (some of which I personally worked on) that range from slightly difficult to very hard for most players. Four arrows fly towards the screen forcing you to press them at the right time to the music. Hitting all the arrows in a song counts as a “Full Combo”, which is very hard to do and takes a lot of time and practice to be able to do consistently and is the main gimmick of my channel, which I showcase in each video. I also include secrets and extra content that might’ve been undiscovered and show them off through instructional and entertaining ways that can be used as guides, as well as occasionally adding my own input on things happening in the video, all done through my creative editing style that focuses on being concise and transformative. In the descriptions I give my in-depth opinion on the video game as well as timestamps for each part of the video. All the videos were played, recorded and edited by me. #FridayNightFunkin #FNF #Flippy #ai #aigenerated #artificialintelligence #aifunkin #longestsoloever


11 thoughts on “Friday Night Funkin' – Perfect Combo – AI Funkin' Mod [HARD]”

  1. Freaking love how Boyfriend breaks the 4th Wall for a second to say the Dialogue is fixed, And he couldn't get it to say anything else lmao, The Meme Mods for Boyfriend are honestly some of my favorite man, Boyfriend is literally one of the best Meme Characters, He fully embraces the idea and has a blast doing it. "Usually by bullying people like in the Nonsense Mod :P"

    The Music was pretty fire ngl, Almost wish it had at least one more Song, But what we got was cool as is lol


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