Friday Night Funkin' Plays AMONG US But It's Hypno's Lullaby – (FNF Mods: Pokemon)

Friday Night Funkin’ Plays AMONG US But It’s Hypno’s Lullaby – (FNF Mods: Pokemon) We’re back in among us featuring more FNF Mods! Today we feature the famous creepy pasta Hypno’s Lullaby mod. 3 Rounds… 1 Imposter. Who will it be? Find out in todays new Friday Night Funkin video!

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Voice over by Chuck Fresh –

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42 thoughts on “Friday Night Funkin' Plays AMONG US But It's Hypno's Lullaby – (FNF Mods: Pokemon)”

  1. Pubg fear I want to say something, I love your videos and they’re so great I wish we can watch more and I have one more thing, can you make a video where you guys play among us and you’re all different kinds of apes

  2. Plot Twist: All the Hypnos wanted was just lunch money. All jokes aside, great video as always! Also do you have a favorite Legendary Pokemon, PapaFear? Mine would have to be a tie between Darkrai, Deoxys, and Hoopa


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