Friday Night Funkin' – Spell (Ace X Sakuroma Duet)

Decided to make an original fnf based song again. This time something has possessed Ace and Saku is concerned trying to help him break out of it.

This was a project that has been around for a bit, just wanted to make some fnf Drill music again but I wasn’t sure what story to give it so that the song can actually have a purpose. This isn’t some preview for a mod song or anything, just something I felt like writing. Who knows, maybe I’ll use it in the future lol

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35 thoughts on “Friday Night Funkin' – Spell (Ace X Sakuroma Duet)”

  1. Fantastic as always, dude! Really dig how somber and desperate the tone is while still keeping a really cool beat and vibe to it!

    Really curious about what exactly is going on here- from the look of it, Atrocean is screwing with Ace somehow, and Saku's trying to snap him out of it?


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