Friday Night Funkin' The Blueballs Incident is No Joke…

Friday Night Funkin’ The Blueballs Incident is No Joke… The Friday Night Funkin’ mod “The Blueballs Incident” is a meme gone serious, as VS “Trollge” (which is a Trollface like creature) has Boyfriend and Girlfriend sent on a mission by the Troll Containment Foundation to investigate “Trollge Case 023” in this creepypasta like FNF mod. With a new updated microphone, BF and GF find Trollge with all new fully customized cutscenes, animations, sprites, songs and dialogue! This strange, creepy and actually sad new updated Friday Night Funkin’ Full Week includes Four Phases and totally original songs! The Trollge Case is seriously no joke and meme in this incredible FNF mod…

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FNF Mods used (GameBanana):
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FNF vs Trollge (The Blueballs Incident) –

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25 thoughts on “Friday Night Funkin' The Blueballs Incident is No Joke…”

  1. wat? friday night funkin' the blueballs incident is no joke? wat? wat?

    seriously it sounds stupid, but BUCKLE UP and watch this WILD RIDE… it honestly gets sorta sad…

    If you guys want more fnf and it's mods, you know what to do! also, keep suggesting what mods to check out next!!

    If you haven’t seen, check out our FNF WEEK 7 video!! –

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  2. These document things are making me think that the foundation that the mod refers to is the Friday Night Funkin universe’s version of a little something called the SCP Foundation. Like the anomaly thing, the redacted stuff, the code name, the number thing like everything is just giving HUGE SCP vibes.


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