Friday Night Funkin' VS Analog Funkin DEMO #shorts #fridaynightfunkin #fnf

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Analog Funkin DEMO #shorts #fridaynightfunkin #fnf

Analog Funkin’ Team:

The mod revolves around popular analog horror series, in this Analog Funkin DEMO we will battle partygoers from backrooms (Entity 67), Pumpkin Rabbits from the Walten Files, and the no face from Local 58. In the future we will face characters from Mandela Catalogue, TMK / Too Much Kirby, Petscop, Five Nights at Freddy / FNAF VHS, Sonic and many more.

VS Analog Funkin’ (DEMO OUT) Mod Download:

Game Note: Analog Funkin’ is a Friday Night Funkin’ mod that revolves around popular analog horror series such as Mandela Catalogue by Alex Kister and The Walten Files by Martin Walls. The mod is directed by Tack and co-directed by Chase Redding. As of now, the mod is currently in progress and is ongoing. There is no set release date for the mod currently.

Mod Creators for VS Analog Funkin / Analog Horror below
VS Analog Funkin / Analog Horror FULL WEEK (Cutscenes!) Mod Download link:
TackSFM – Director/Charter/Chromatic Scales
Chase Redding – Co-Director/Musician
KOBAIKID – Musician
bubuXD – Musician
Gojira Darko – Musician
Sinwalker – Musician
MayoSifrayo – Artist
powpow – Artist
Kahmelio – Artist
Spuki – Artist
MRmorian – Artist
6isker – Artist
MID_ – Artist
Audrey_Owl – Artist
Izy_ – Artist
weirdenned – Artist
Zawo_O – Artist
JuicyBoss – Artist
GrapelyFine – Artist
RBXjames – Artist
ChilledGuy – Artist
StarDude – Artist
Nutsack – Artist/Cutscene Animator
RatsoTS – Artist/Animator
RobotBlue (Riley) – Artist
Illuminion – Pixel Artist
Millie – Pixel Artist
thebronjahames – Animator
Puritzel – Animator
PiQ – Animator
LeCheez – Animator
Nope_avi – Animator
Paskida – Animator
jammm_ – Charter
PhantomNexus – Charter
Havoc – Charter
DestBruh – Charter
NLD – Coder
n3ps3n – Coder
Quackerona – Coder
Salty Sovet – Coder
RaiGuyyy – Voice Actor
ComicTheHero – Voice Actor
LogantheCrazy123 – Voice Actor
OmniiArt – Chromatic Scales
Diomana – Editor
Jack-0_ – Oh Gumpy.

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