Friday Night Funkin' VS Baymax FULL WEEK + Cutscenes Animation (FNF Mod/Hard) (Big Hero 6/Disney)

Friday Night Funkin’ Baymax (FULL Week) for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. This time We battle Disney’s Baymax from Big Hero 6 Movie. Full Mod title: Big Hero Funkin.
DarrylArka – Creator/Director:

Big Hero Funkin is a mod based on Disney’s Big Hero 6 franchise. BF somehow is transported to a Silent Sparrow portal where he found a deactivated Baymax sitting soullessly (broken & half-armored, just like the last scene in the Big Hero 6). When BF touched Baymax, something magical happened. Baymax woke up, but he didn’t remember anything and he’s acting randomly. To calm him down, BF threw a mic & asked him to rap battle! Will Boyfriend defeat this Disney character? Girlfriend isn’t anywhere to be seen, gf is probably back at home

FNF: Disney Big Hero Funkin Mod Download:

Game Note: The mod is included 5 songs in story-mode and 2 songs in free-play, with cut-scene animations, a custom menu, custom notes, alt-animation, animated background and mod-charts.

Who Baymax is:
Big Hero 6 – Best Scenes
Big Hero 6 Training scene HD 1080p
Baymax! | Official Trailer 2 | Disney+

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS Big Hero 6 FULL WEEK Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Game Over Animation
00:09: Lore
00:19 Intro
00:30 Title Screen
00:40 Menu
00:48 All 2 Weeks | Song List
00:59 Animation 1
01:20 Dialogue 1
01:56 Immortals
04:19 Dialogue 2
04:55 Unsung Hero
07:05 Dialogue 3
07:49 Synchonize
09:58 Guide to Surviving
10:01 Dialogue 4
11:11 Silent Sparrow
14:08 Animation 2
14:28 Rocket Science
16:41 Ending Animation 3
17:13 Arcade Theory
18:56 Final Power
21:35 Freeplay
21:44 Credit
22:07 Miss Animations and Game Over
22:40 Outro – CommunityGame

Big Hero 6 tells the story of Hiro Hamada, a young robotics prodigy, and Baymax, his late brother Tadashi’s healthcare provider robot, who form a superhero team to combat a masked villain who is responsible for Tadashi’s death.

Mod Creators for VS Baymax | Big Hero 6 below
VS Big Hero 6 FULL WEEK (Cutscenes!) Mod Download:
DarrylArka – Creator-Director & Music Composer:
RafiDzaky – Co-Creator, Charter & Programmer:
Chemax – Co-Director & Programmer:
SquidBowl – Co-Director & Programmer:
ranfring – Lead Artist & Animator:
Doofyus – Artist & UI Designer:
KillMeDaddy – Sprite Artist:
HampterJk – Sprite Artist & Animator:
charmipotato – Sprite Artist & Animator:
MajoraTobi – Sprite Artist & Animator:
ichimoral – Promo & Background Artist:
MikeFNF – Banner Artist:
Artxche_ – Logo & Background Artist:
SkyFan0101 – Promo Artist & Animator:
YellowMasterYT – Promo Artist:
TheMortalBeast – Background Artist:
eNONAMEbru – Music Composer (Sillent Sparrow):
isophoro – Programmer:
TeeBeeX86 – Programmer:
AnggaMasterID – Cutscene Animator:
KITAGAWA – Cutscene Animator:
FredIsSwagger – Cutscene Animator:
Practical – Charter:
ifipaan – Charter:
FinTrex – Note Designer:
ichsan24 – Note Designer:
F3rn4n – UI Designer:
Leg3ad0 – Sprite Animator:
Mrfunky – Sprite Animator:

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k HD (2022)
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    btw I remember that place when that baymax sacrificed himself to save his dear friend and the girl who was in that distance what a good movie.

  2. I remember me watching big hero 6 over and over again when I was younger. that's why big hero 6 always has a special place in my heart! And I can’t believe someone made a freaking mod of it!! Love to the developers!

  3. The first song literally is Fallout Boy's "Immortals" song. Copiers! >: (

    Shouldn't that be copyright or something since the developer used someone else's music to make their FNF mod song???


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