Friday Night Funkin' VS Crystal 2.1 – Sonic, Agoti, Tricky, Maggie, Ron & More (FNF Mod-Remixes) HD

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Crystal 2.1 | Sonic, Agoti, Tricky, Maggie, Ron & More for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. This is a mod by Keno9988ii:

Crystal 2.0 Remixes, but this time a bunch of classic characters is crystallized. Sonic from sonic the hedgehog series, Agoti from entity / A.G.O.T.I., Tricky from madness combat, Maggie, Ron from Literally every fnf mod ever (Vs Bob’s Onslaught), C. Lord, Ace from Vs Ace & in RetroSpecter 1.7, Onek, T, and Valerie have their own crystal design and remixes. This remix mod gives every single part of the game a nice coat of paint. From the characters to the backgrounds. Including new remixes and charts for every song in the game.

I’ll only be playing the new songs since I’ve already played Week 1-6 nearly a year ago. Everyone here is using their Crystal Remix outfits and their own song are remixed. As of now the mod only has 31 songs in total. (I always remove the missed sound effect before playing the mods to have the music play out perfectly) There’s also other music I’ll play like the game over screens and menu. If you love D sides remix, B3 Remix, Neo Remix, Monster Remixes, & Hellbeats then you’re going to love the Crystal 2.1 Side. I’ll be playing Hard difficulty for all Crystal 2.1 bonus songs.

Friday Night Funkin’ Crystal 2.1 Remixes Download link here:

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