Friday Night Funkin' VS GF.hx – You Can't Delete GF (FNF Mod) (GF.exe/Girlfriend.EXE)

Friday Night Funkin’ VS GF.hx for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD.
This mod is made by Biddle3’s Team:
Vanilla – Creator of GF.hx:

So this is similar to the yourself.exe, it is a mod about a Gf.exe / Girlfriend.exe created by Vanilla named YOU_CANT.json/GF.hx. Deleting girlfriend will cause her to become an evil corrupted exe who will try to kill Boyfriend, but why would anyone even want to delete GF?

You Can’t Delete GF. FNF: Vs GF.hx Mod Download:

Game Note by Biddle3: This mod is a mod created by a team of few. A mod about a gf.exe created by Vanilla named YOU_CANT.json/GF.hx. I (Biddle3) first created the song and was really inspired by the concept created by Vanilla, so we turned it into a mod and here it is.

Invincible – You Can’t Delete Girlfriend OST

Lore: While making the Yoshi engine the devs accidentally left the girlfriend’s json in the files, corrupting the game’s gf, but not to the extent of it not working. They ended up releasing it, disregarding the corrupted GF. The players would try to remove GF but it would say “you can’t delete girlfriend”. One had the misfortune to come across its true form.

The player tried removing GF and the same “you can’t delete girlfriend” text box appeared, but
something different happened. GF, or what looked like GF, grabbed the textbox and appeared in a black background and said “you can’t take me away”. Then the text box said, “Girlfriend is deleting you”. Days after it happened, authorities had discovered the player’s body mangled with his bottom area crushed beyond repair, his eyes sunken within his sockets and jaws, legs and arms torn off of his body.

The computer was still on though, they see that the game was still active with the boyfriend standing there. He speaks, “please don’t let her do this to another soul, please free us, please,” as the pc sets on fire due to overheating

(Source of lore:

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ You Can’t Delete GF Timestamp:
00:00 Deleting GF
00:06 Invincible Song (GF.hx vs BF)
01:24 Jumpscare 1
02:05 Getting Intense
02:36 Jumpscare 2
03:05 Jumpscare 3
03:25 Credit
03:35 Outro – CommunityGame

I’ll be playing it on very hard mode for VS GF.hx songs. The mod has 1 fully playable song, 1 evil GF. Will that Fake GF be able to beat the Boyfriend or will BF survive?

Mod Creators for VS Girlfriend.EXE Creepypasta below:
Friday Night Funkin’ GF.hx Download:
VANILLANOMAS WASNT HERE – Creator of GF.hx/YOU_CANT.json & Promo Artist:
Biddle3 – Musician, Error Text:
RandomInc. – Sprite Artist and Animator:
Vivaderus – Charter:
ItoSaihara – GF.hx Icons:
Murasaki_ – Coder:

Psych Engine Devs
ShadowMario – Main Programmer:
RiverOaken – Main Artist/Animator:
Yoshubs – Additional Coder:

OG Funkin’ Devs
ninjamuffin99 – Coder:
Phantom Arcade – Artist and Animator:
evilsk8r – Artist:
KawaiSprite – Musician:

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