Friday Night Funkin': VS Mario Madness D-Side V1 (Incomplete Build) FNF Mod/D-Side Remix

Friday Night Funkin’s VS Mario Madness D-Side V1 but it’s an incomplete build with only freeplay songs available. Quite sad seeing this happens but it is what it is I guess. New remixes, new sprites, new animations, new songs…
Creator’s Note:
Hello! Its me plantgamer09, this time its kinda sad news for you but this mod sadly got cancelled due to lots of problems with the old director and the development, but dont worry, me and my friends tried our BEST!!! to bring to you the incomplete build of what the v1 was going to be :D!!!

What to expect?
1-. Totally new d-side remixes of the songs from Mario’s Madness!!
2-. New and remastered sprites and art!!
3-. Did i already say that there are new songs? thats the only important thing lol

I REALLY hope you like this mod, since it was a PAIN in my back and it was HELL to develop, i had to code almost everything, my friend had to do almost all the art and another friend had to do almost all the songs so….if you dont like it, im very sorry, but we tried our best 🙁
Mario’s Madness D-side (INCOMPLETE BUILD)
Plantgamer09 – Artist, animator, charter, coder and took director role at the end
RESURRECTION/Solar – Co-director, and main charter!
Mod team
Leo Ekisde – Artist, animator and helped with coding a bit!
MarioBrothersM – Main composer!
CyanCat – Composer
NoContextRafa – Artist
LunaticDumbass – Composer
Mr Corn – Charter
Purp – Artist
Heckat – Charter
El Pibe Edgar – Artist
Walcracko – Artist
Monty1922VA – Voice Actor
Eyeben – Artist
fnfgf20 – Rain script
Oscar_raczo – Artist
Samsillys – Artist
Fabianeso06 – Composer
troxi – Composer
Normal Thanks
Dj crafter craft – Created the mod, was old director, and composed Oscar Instrumental
Special Thanks
D-sides Team – Created d-sides
Marios Madness Team – Created Marios Madness
#fnfmod #mariomadness #mariomadnessDside
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