Friday Night Funkin': Vs. Sonic.exe – Too Slow (Encore) [Remix]

Hello viewers, hope you are all having a fantastic Christmas! Today I present “Too Slow (Encore)” from the VS. Sonic.exe FNF mod. This one I did as kinda a holiday special so I themed the visualizer around a Christmas styled Encore if you will. This one was tons of fun to do and hopefully I’ll have more content coming your way in 2023. Hope you enjoy!

Original song by @SasterSub0ru and @MarStarBro
Inspiration from Cover by @PorkNDogs
His version:
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Friday Night Funkin’ is an open-source donationware rhythm game first released in 2020 for a game jam. The game was developed by a team of four Newgrounds users, Cameron “ninjamuffin99” Taylor, David “PhantomArcade” Brown, Isaac “Kawai Sprite” Garcia, and evilsk8r.

Friday Night Funkin’: Vs. Sonic.EXE is a mod owned and directed by MarStarBro, Comgaming_Nz, and Saster. The main opponent of the mod is the titular character from the Sonic.EXE creepypasta , but it also features many other horror-oriented characters from other official and fan-made Sonic media, including Sonic (PC PORT), Sonic CD, Sunky.MPEG, Sonic R, and Sonic the Comic.

Sonic.EXE is the central antagonist of the mod, and the main antagonist of his titular creepypasta. Sonic.exe, also known as Xenophanes is a demon that is a super fan of Sonic that became a form like him to try and be him. He comes from the creepypasta and videogame Sonic.exe and goes and kills Sonic’s friends one by one leading to him killing the one playing the game. He is very popular in various other forms of media and as of 2021 has had a resurgence thanks to friday night funkin.

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What are you snoppin down here for. Go away.


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