Frost DK Rated Arena – Zero to Rival – Shadowlands PvP Double DPS

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Shadowlands Frost Death Knight rated arena video with Hazzed. Pushing from Zero rating to Rival in the first season for that sweet 220 loot.

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42 thoughts on “Frost DK Rated Arena – Zero to Rival – Shadowlands PvP Double DPS”

  1. I’m having way too much fun pulling ppl into double freeze and chill streak lol. DK just got the coolest abilities. Slappy hands, freezing dragon and return of 2 handed👌honestly tho shaman is my alt and I like both enh/ele but y the hell cant enhance use 2 handers! Lol

  2. Do u use sanguination at all? Idk if it would reset every arena but since Dk weakness is no immunities to block the high burst meta, feel like the heals would be greatly appreciated. Could go without it since ur with ret I guess. The guy ima play with is arms which neither of us are hybrids so we’ll see how it goes lol

  3. the frost dk really does nothing, its the pally carrying this team, even if hte damage is equal, alot of his damage is coming from irrelevant things, the pally is whats bursting them down, frost dk consistant dmg is easily mitigated or out healed, this goes to show u, how strong pally is atm. great teamwork, but if he was playing something else, they might win even harder

  4. Lol so glad I stopped playing WOW….this looks so fucking broken hahahah not to mention seeing triple digit dmg numbers isnt entertaining at all…..Shadowlands looks like a crap shoot hahaha!

  5. Hi Hazzed,

    I've got a Resto Dudu friend, a Unholy DK, Frost mage, and arms Warrior. Which of these should be the most optimal for 2s or 3s? Ar any comps viable with this classes/specs? Thanks in advance

  6. to the people saying the dk is being carried you have no idea how this comp works…dks counter casters and rets counter melee…rets right now are strong and in short matches when the ret has his cd's going he is going to pump out alot of dmg..but the dk has to pump dps while mitigating as much dmg as possible..theyve been playing this comp with each other years and to say one is carrying the other is dumb…im not saying dks couldnt use a few buffs or that rets arent a little overtuned but there still arent alot of people hitting rival as 2x dps as this comp


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