Game of Thrones | Iron Anniversary (HBO)

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Celebrating 10 years in Westeros, the #IronAnniversary is here.


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47 thoughts on “Game of Thrones | Iron Anniversary (HBO)”

  1. Waste of 10 years, don’t remind me. Here is the entire lore, history and character development, prophecy and foreshadowing.. By the way none of it meant a thing, we just made you watch a pile of shit 😂

  2. S1 Winter is coming!

    S2 Winter is coming!!

    S3 Winter is coming!!!

    S4 Winter is coming!!!!!

    S5 Winter is coming!!!!!!

    S6 Winter is coming!!!!!!!

    S7 Winter is here!!!!!!!

    S8 Oh was that it?

    We don't forgive you D&D.

  3. I watch my favourite movies and shows again and again. After that last season I can't watch GOT anymore, knowing how it ends. I cannot believe they ruined it so completely for me.

  4. I loved this series.. i was invested in the story.. it needed at least 2 more properly written seasons to have done it all justice.. but sadly it was fumbled to completion and it made so much of the previous work feel like it didn't matter at all making rewatching it so much less worth it. So many seeds sown that never got to blossom and instead got the rushed treatment of mashing it all together to get any kind of ending within the time constraints

  5. Just about any line or dialogue made of D&D, instead of George RR Martin, sounded dumb and as out of place as Tyrions hair in ep 1.s.1. And not to mention Dorne.. Oh my Goood, what an agony! Everyone but Oberyn is painfully embarrassin to watch. They screwed up any line and dialogue they created on their own. They should have listened to GRRM and made 13 seasons, and only used his sentences and dialogues. Worst fuck up ever.

  6. Can't we re-do season 7 and 8? Hashtag restore seasons? On a serious note, I don't know a single person who has rewatched the series during the lockdowns because of the shambles that was the final season.


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