GamePass Makes You Dumb For Buying Video Games?

Just sharing my thoughts on the shenanigans.


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18 thoughts on “GamePass Makes You Dumb For Buying Video Games?”

  1. The greatness of gamepass pretty much speaks for itself. But nothing wrong with individual choice if people perfer physical games then let them buy physical games that's there own choice of how they perfer to spend there money. Calling or saying people are dumb for doing so is like the same bs I get from Sony fanboys who say that I can't be considered a quote ….real gamer…if I prefer xbox over pc and playstation ha

  2. But Game Pass games is good i would rather wait for a game to come to gamepass or wait for a game to come back if it gets remove but There is no new games out rn name me one Everyone is just ppl waiting for dying light 2 and halo infinite There is no other new games anyone is waiting I m not counting Ps Exclusives

  3. Ayo they can push that nonesense all they want to, I got enough subscriptions as it is anyway last thing I need is another one. Next time someone pushes gamepass ima ask em to show me the screen where it shows the games they actually played and time played.

  4. I seen one dude cappin for GP so hard he said “enjoy payin $80 for returnal and R&C”… like BRUH, there ain’t no games on GP that’s NEW that’s on the level of those games. They out here cappin for Outriders…. OUTRIDERS… dudes are fkn clowns. I had GP for 3 months and booted up 1 game for 1 hour and was done. Everything on there is dog shit


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