Games Workshop Connection? Video Games & Table Top Launches (Total War & Vermintide)

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Games Workshop has been releasing video games for over 20 years, but in the more recent timeline, they seem to be lining up Total War DLC & Product launches with their various table top releases. In this video, we’ll be discussing just that as well as some speculation about possible future releases.

0:00 Intro & Summary
2:45 Grombrindal (2016)
5:01 The Queen & The Crone (2018)
6:08 Winds of Magic DLC (2019)
7:39 Gotrek & Felix FLC (2019)
9:51 The Hunter & The Beast (2019)
11:29 Repanse de Lyonesse (2019)
13:13 The Warden & The Paunch (2020)
15:08 Orcs Old World Update (2020)
17:02 Zoats (2020)
18:38 Kislev & Warhammer 3 (2021)
20:01 Rakarth Update (2021)
20:51 Beastmen Speculation
22:34 Lizardmen Speculation
24:11 Broken Realms: Kragnos
25:17 Warhammer RPG 4th Edition
28:34 Be’lakor

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Big shout out and thanks to Sega and Creative Assembly for allowing me to share this content with you all! Also, to Games Workshop for their continued production of amazing fluff and models. For official updates regarding any Total War content please see the following links:

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1 thought on “Games Workshop Connection? Video Games & Table Top Launches (Total War & Vermintide)”

  1. Funny you released a video on this matter, last stream i asked about TGBoG about that and maybe the new aos content for slaanesh, he told me there is a lot of things pointing out to that but we wont know until we see the finished product. To my opinion the hands are tied because if you release particularly dope figures for TT people would want to see those ingame regardless of lore, just because its appealing, and it would draw money. Anyway i appreciate the content, cant wait for new twwh news and stuff!


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