Games Workshop Updates on Delays | New Greater Daemons of Slaanesh | Warhammer 40k Video Game News

Games Workshop announced that there will be no new pre-orders until May 8th! The first thing up for pre-order after these few weeks of no new releases? Hive War the next expansion for Necromunda! Maybe this means that we will get some answers about Cursed City or Be’lakor. (I refuse to not be optimistic about all this!)

Two new Greater Daemons of Slaanesh are coming our way and they are majestic. Does this mean Emperor’s Children are on their way… Gosh I want that. Which is your favorite the Talon of Slaanesh or the Voice of Slaanesh?

Next up, a look at one of the new Beast Snagga Ork Boyz model. The article that accompanied him really makes it sounds like GW is pushing for Primaris Orks. Which I think I’m cool with.

Then in video game news Nacon shows us a preview of the the Black Orks team from Blood Bowl 3, featuring their Troll, Ork, and Goblin players and how they play. Plus we got another awesome trailer from Focus Home Interactive showing off more of Necromunda: Hired Gun.

This has been the Warhammer News for the week of April 25th, 2021.

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0:20 – Games Workshop Shipping Delay Update
2:25 – New Greater Daemons – The Talon and the Voice of Slaanesh
4:54 – New Ork Newz
5:25 – Black Orcs Preview for Blood Bowl 3
7:25 – Necromunda Hired Gun Release Trailer and Date
9:12 – Closing


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31 thoughts on “Games Workshop Updates on Delays | New Greater Daemons of Slaanesh | Warhammer 40k Video Game News”

  1. Was looking forward to this video today. Made my evening! Great news about the pre-orders coming back. Also can't wait for Hired Gun! I will be playing the heck out of it for sure. Great video as always!

  2. There's just so many things that I'm looking forward to. I sincerely hope that the video games break the mediocre hoodoo that plagues GW's computer game partnerships.

  3. Don't drive my Emperor's Children heart crazy. A dedicated Codex with some new Noice Marines and maybe a few new Sonic elite dreadnought and terminator units and dare we hope a Fullgrim model…..that would be Flawless Perfection……

  4. “A couple of weeks” is also the timeframe the manager of my local GW shop gave me on Friday for when he hopes to restart their in-store gaming sessions etc.
    Think this probably relates most strongly to English plague regulations (currently he’s only allowed five people including himself in store at any one time): suspect they’re hoping that being able to have their full production staff on site and working for the first time in just over a year will be a decisive factor, although…. think I should note that in UK English “a couple” doesn’t have to mean literally two: the British hobby channels I follow have all interpreted this as “sometime in May” 😉

    Really like the newly revealed Ork sculpt: great to see a green skin infantry-shroom who doesn’t look like he’s desperate for the bog 😜😁

    Looking forward to seeing undead painting later today 😎

  5. The new Slaanesh Deamons are not Greater Deamons of Slaanesh.
    They are supposed to be direct sons of Slaanesh trying still to escape his/her prison between dimensions by this way.

    Slaanesh has awkward sons …
    (They are also a little bit smaller than the actual Keeper of Secrets, actually)

  6. The delays appear to be the result GW's ERP software update to Microsoft Dynamics 365 – a process that's so far taken 3 years and cost £6.5m. The company's half-year report to Dec 1, 2020, said the project created "risk of widespread business disruption if it is not implemented well." And here we are.

  7. One of the biggest problems that I have seen with GW is the VERY strong culture of secrecy that surrounds them, even internally. When I worked at the HQ it was quite common to see little groups of people talking about stuff only to go silent when someone walked past, only managers got access to the studio (aside from people who worked in there of course). It wasn't unusual for those working in the stores to find out about releases and updates at the same time as everyone else by reading White Dwarf. This is why I am not expecting to hear much of anything about why there have been delays, except for something like a blanket "blame" like Brexit or Covid (the old "health and safety reasons" level of reasoning that leaves you just thinking "OK, but what reasons specifically?".

  8. Literally every time they release new Slaanesh stuff everyone everywhere thinks "Are we getting Emperor's Children?!"

    Honestly, I wonder if they're aware of just how much people want Emperor's Children.

  9. FarShark>Focus
    But I prefer Necromunda more then standard 40k settings, I just know Focus is really bad at Producing games,prefer profiting off cheap made quick buggy games with strong IP rather then good games that cost more to make.


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