Ganyu Solo entire Abyss 11 9 Stars Full. Bad Ping Smooth Run -genshin impact

Ganyu Solo entire Abyss 11 Bad Ping Smooth Run -genshin impact
i will try better later on. Ran out of Food.
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I guess i can never be the number one in anything..
sorry for disappointing you guys.

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Albedo, is unwanted by almost everyone.. feels a lot like myself.
therefore, ill make him the strongest, even more than my venti.
Albedo bener bener ga diinginkan orang-orang, tapi saya bakal merubahnya, dan membuat dia salah satu karakter terbaik saya.
akang iqbal bae bgt nih mau gabung main ama kita kita xD

hillicurl cosplay video:

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it took me so much calculations…

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47 thoughts on “Ganyu Solo entire Abyss 11 9 Stars Full. Bad Ping Smooth Run -genshin impact”

  1. Damn the damage is out of this world!!! Just to be clear you ran this flr 11 twice right? 1st run with ganyu on the first half and 2nd run she was on the 2nd half or you abandon challenege every chamber clear?

  2. respect:run both chamber 1 & 2 with ganyu,clear in 1 minutes,non abandon the challenge based on ganyu HP % in the video,wow damage without melt,survive until last chamber.salute

  3. Is there any soft cap for crit damage is it worth for aiming 250% crit damage ? Currently my Mona's build is 70 rate and 167 damage I guess I should aim for more crit damage, reply soon and thanks for the showcase


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