Genshin Impact: Hu Tao Made Me Question My Genshin Choices

Hu Tao is sort of the straw that broke the camel’s back for me in Genshin Impact, as I realize I’ve been investing too much in chasing powerful characters for no real reason, as I can really just enjoy the unfolding world of the game for free. It’s time to separate the gacha mindset from the world development itself for me.

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22 thoughts on “Genshin Impact: Hu Tao Made Me Question My Genshin Choices”

  1. I'm so glad that the only money I spend is battle pass related, and the 5$ primogem daily allowance, because that's a steal compared to everything else.
    I definitely get the itch to whale, but I keep telling myself its not worth it, and videos like this just keep confirming that mindset.
    Thanks for the video, Paul! Love the frequency.

  2. I can understand your frustration. 😕

    Fortunately for me, I managed to stay reasonable, spending "only" on Welkin Moon and Battle Pass (which is plenty already XD).
    I sought constellations only for my main DPS (Ningguang). Regarding my three 5*, they remain C0… power-wise, it's more than enough !

    I see all the upcoming characters (4* or 5*) and about 95% of them, I just don't care. I guess that's a blessing… I won't be tempted.
    All I care now is more regions to explore and more story to experience. 😇

    That gacha genre is rough. I hope your experience will get better over time, Paul ! 🤞😉🤞

  3. i only spend for cute characters, i beated all the spiral and yes it just feels empty
    so i waste time by helping other players, or listening to the music while bombing with klee

    new content genshin please

  4. Yeah, I feel like mindset is quite critical for Genshin. Unless you're 100% comfortable whaling, then you need to be fairly disciplined. Personally, I ask myself if a new character will actually change my gameplay significantly. I think a reasonable strategy is to think about your characters as tools in a toolbox, they each have a use in certain situations. If a new character fits the same use as one you already have, then it probably isn't necessary.

    Plus, to even get the resources to level up new characters to a usable state is a massive undertaking. There's more than enough good characters to build and level up to keep a player occupied for a long time. There's also a good amount of enjoyment to be had from trying different characters you already have instead of getting more new ones.

  5. It’s the same thing in D2, Paul. What in D2 actually needs meta weapons or gear? Literally nothing, bar trials. Once you realise, it’s hard to get motivated. Just my two cents

  6. I completely agree, people need to pace themselves with Characters this is only part 1 of a multi part games, there is a ton more Characters you can collect.

    And support Characters those with off field damage, shield and heal I think are the best Characters in Genshin, and will have the most long term value.

    And you only want(not need) 2 main attackers max, and Genshin is very easy, spending is purely optional and for collecting and/or to speed up progression.

  7. 81/90 for main DPS and 60/70 for supports is perfectly fine for endgame content (abyss). There’s no need to really go higher than that unless you just have excess materials backlogged already.

    The material scaling to get from 80 to 90 relative to how many stats are added are just not worth it at this point, especially with nothing absolutely demanding you to be at the highest possible level.

  8. Exactly! The game has no more content. (Exploration and story progression) I'm collecting all the characters but nothing to do with them. I'm feeling I should only play each new region. (For the story not for primo gems)

  9. I'm on the artifact grind right now and the game just feels like a chore. I don't really enjoy logging in anymore because 99% of my resin feels completely wasted on trash artifacts


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