Genshin Impact – Klee's Night Terrors (Comic Dub)

Imagine if there was a whole Jean under Klee’s bed.

Comic by Riko –
Thank you for giving me permission to dub your comic!

Klee: Me
Kaeya: Christian Sekhanan (



16 thoughts on “Genshin Impact – Klee's Night Terrors (Comic Dub)”

  1. Me: I don’t want to go to science class I’m nervous I didn’t do the homework

    My dad: is it scarier than your dictator math teacher?

    Me: good point. I’m heading to class

  2. Jean: Klee kaeya told me there was a monster under your bed how did you sleep?
    Klee: well I told kaeya and he asked me if the monster was scarier than you and It wasn’t so I went to sleep.
    Jean: oh is that right.
    Jean: kaeya do you think I’m scary.
    Kaeya: oh no time to run.


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