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50 thoughts on “GENSHIN IMPACT MEMES #116”

  1. OMG klee surviving the walking dead and the leader of a demonic militia got me. I was thinking damn QiQi's death must have changed her. wait… where was QiQi?
    Already dead: QiQi

  2. Sorry but this must be said

    Stupid genshin players : hanging out = dating

    Come on guys-
    Hangout doesn't mean dating-
    Where are your brains?-
    Still think hanging out = dating?
    Aight here is an example

    A : hi B have you seen C?
    B : yea i have seen them
    A : oh where did you see C?
    B : i saw C hanging out with their baby sibling in the park, i heard there's a festival in that park and C's little sibling wants to visit that
    A : aww sibling bonding moment!


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