[Genshin Impact MMD] Yellow Hearts with Tartaglia and Zhongli

Model: MiHoYo
Motion: Lily OverLord


21 thoughts on “[Genshin Impact MMD] Yellow Hearts with Tartaglia and Zhongli”

  1. I'm concerned- no, more like
    Afraid of this man. with that infamous sentence of his "ho? Is this how young people do this these days?" I'm scared of what he's gonna do next and request me to do it with him.

  2. me: those two are indeed something i dare say.
    ???: i believe so
    me: well see ya i’ve been here for to long. the others might be worried
    ???: see ya
    me: “runs and jumps off. going through the clouds and slamming the ground”
    ???: he is an intriguing or interesting childe right dainslief
    dainslief: of course.
    me: “starts to naruto run, wall run, wall climb teleport and phase, back home ( you choose should my home be jade chamber since nigguang allows us to stay there or xxxxx your choice ) phases theough wall”
    lumine: oh you’re back “repairs wall”
    me: had to meet up with someone.


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