Genshin Impact OST Lofi ~ 1 Hour of Genshin Impact Lofi Hip Hop Music to Chill/Relax/Study

Genshin Impact OST but it’s a 1 Hour Lo-fi Hip Hop mix!
This is an extended mix of every original Genshin Impact Lofi track I’ve made until now!

You can follow my Genshin Lofi playlist on spotify where I add new original Genshin Impact Lofi remixes every week!

Artwork/Animation by the incredibly talented @afeixart follow and check out her amazing work:

Featuring tracks by @SuperDope
1 – Qingyun Peak Sunrise
2 – Dragonspine Frost
3 – Zhongli: The Listener
4 – Sticky Honey Roast
5 – Legend of the Wind
6 – Qingce Village Vibes
7 – Stormterror’s Lair
8 – Luhua Pool
9 – Windwashed Mountains –

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Genshin Impact OST is originally composed by the brilliant Yu-Peng Chen @HOYO-MiX

All my music is FREE for your personal use! (please give credit/leave link to this video in description)
If you want to use my tracks for profit please contact me privately!

***PLEASE do not just take the audio and re-upload the music to your channel using a different picture/artwork. Also don’t make 1 hour to 10 hour versions of this track.


25 thoughts on “Genshin Impact OST Lofi ~ 1 Hour of Genshin Impact Lofi Hip Hop Music to Chill/Relax/Study”

  1. EEEEEEEEEE why is it when I play this video it makes me calm down when I get trash artifacts. Is this some kind of sorcery? Is it some kind of spell? You gotta tell me your secrets

  2. Yay I was actually planning to ask for something like this in the next video but it seems I don't need to 😊 perhaps when you have made more songs to release a second one 😊


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