Genshin Impact Patch 1.51 PS5/PS4 Pro Re-Test! – A Revolution For Performance?

It all happened so quickly. We return to Genshin Impact after a brand new patch – 1.51 – changes the fortunes of PS5 and PS4 Pro, after our initial look at the game. Tom and John unite to compare the performance upgrade over our previous analysis, where sub-60fps drops blighted PS5 (and sub-30fps on PS4 Pro). Is it all smoothed over? Or do issues still persist in this Unity engine RPG?

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47 thoughts on “Genshin Impact Patch 1.51 PS5/PS4 Pro Re-Test! – A Revolution For Performance?”

  1. I get bad stutter while aiming the bow with Amber, pretty annoying but other than that it's quite stable so I think it's a bug cause it happens LITERALLY every time I use Amber

  2. So I gotta ask , is android users not pushing for controller support ? Cause apple has controller due to them wanting it more than android users according to the devs of genshin impact.

    Playing this game on my Z Fold 2 is beautiful but using a controller would help during heavy combat.

  3. PS5 needs VRR-support asap and all these small little framedrops will become irrelevant.
    I don't know what takes them so long with this feature, should've been there at launch.

  4. When China starts to overcome Japan…
    Let's be honest: Japan is declining fast… Sony moved to California, mobile games are ruled by mihoyo…
    Only Capcom seems to be the resilient…

  5. We can't get a post launch outriders video but another GI? Come one just one more look at outriders please! πŸ₯Ί

  6. The thing is….. If the game is good enough – I can live with the frame phasing inconsistensees(just spelled wrong). Now this games is meehhh, but now it is more stable. —- Still the gameplay is the most important thing. VRR can fix al of this, and this will be the soulution in the future(and now). Fixed framephasing is extremly hard for develepors, as compute varries in realtime render — again VRR will fix this. At last, an angry old man saying to sony: "DO VRR NOW :)"

  7. Guy’s love your videos I’m fortunate to have both the XSX and the PS5. Could you imagine this game on the Xbox and what it’s been doing FPS and the other goodies would EMBARRASS!!! Ps5. Anyway looking forward to the badass vids you guy’s are going make once both consoles are done with the foreplay and start playing with all are gamer G-SPOTS!!!


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