Genshin Impact Recipe: Goulash in Real Life

【Genshin Impact Real Life Recipe 】
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I cooked Genshin Impact food “Goulash” this time!
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 8 cloves of garlic(Slice)
 6cm scallion
 1/4 onion
 1/4 tomato(for topping)
 2 tomatoes(chopped)
 2 carrots
 400g beef(chuck roll)
 1 star anise
 2tsp cooking oil
 20g ketchup
 10g sugar
 2 cloves of ginger
 2 red chilis
 2 laurels
 1tbsp Soy sauce
 1tsp dark soy sauce
1tbsp cooking wine
 a pinch of salt


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13 thoughts on “Genshin Impact Recipe: Goulash in Real Life”

  1. Wahh I should really make this the next time my family gets together! Just to show that I didn't spend so much time on Genshin for nothing, genshin food is too good to pass (;´∀`)
    But I'll need a lot of assistance from my mother if I want it to be edible! Watching this just makes my stomach growl, looks super appetising <3

  2. グヤーシュといえばパプリカ粉が入るイメージですが、入らないレシピでも美味しそうですね!


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