Get Jinxed Official Music Video: League of Legends REACTION

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46 thoughts on “Get Jinxed Official Music Video: League of Legends REACTION”

  1. The animators of this music video are also the same ones that animated Arcane! Fortiche did this music video's animation. And you can see the similarities and the evolution between this and the show!

  2. Mean time check this League of Legends Music Video. It has some footage of different characters on different parts of the world (Remember we already saw there is a cold continent like the North Pole, n we know Medarda son was killed by some guys even more powerful than they are, n we haven’t seen the nations of those others races we have seen in the show)

    Official Music Videos:
    Warriors –
    Awaken –

    PS: Watching this after those music videos n u will get the idea of how those characters get into a 5v5 fight for the game. We/Us players summon (we are mages) those characters again their will n force the to fight to get hex crystals. That’s why in the game characters have unique interaction like 1 liners, taughts, and jukes depending how they encounter on the game.

    Wild Rift –

    Game interactions –

  3. I love your videos, and I hope they continue to grow, but I have a question, have you considered watching any anime? If so, I would recommend you to see fumetsu no anata is very good xd

  4. "i wanna play the game" please dont, stay away from the game, i spent 8 years in there, and i feel like i played just 3 years, the other 5 i just wasted my life, dont play the game please


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