Get To The Max Level In Cyberpunk In No Time (Cyberpunk 2077 Fast XP)

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Cyberpunk 2077 fast xp (Cyberpunk fast xp) Cyberpunk 2077 Fast Leveling
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45 thoughts on “Get To The Max Level In Cyberpunk In No Time (Cyberpunk 2077 Fast XP)”

  1. Good to note is that it turns out that if you side with netwatch during the I Walk The Line Mission, the enemies will sadly not be there for you. Also you need to be street cred 20 to get an arms cannon, but even without it, the farm is still doable. Will look for another XP farm that more people can do.

  2. More like this is something to do once your street cred is 20 upwards otheriwse you stand no chance as even on easy they have skulls on them. As an edit easeir said then done qhen the game is being a laggy motherfucker when your bombs arent hitting and then all of sudden your health is at 0

  3. The money glitch with the animals boss you fight for the mission works better, just save when she's down, put it in to VH difficulty and proceed with the glitch, you get like 5k exp per 10ish seconds, tho this is on a PC through a SSD so load times will vary.

  4. I already reached maxed cred before starting the last mission where you can't go back. I think if you want XP and cred just do blue icons on map that give you legendary blueprints, money and Xp at the same time.

  5. Also, for the gun laying around, clear up your inventory, sell them to doc after a couple of runs just for free money. I only carry a sword and skippy so all the guns I pick up can be sold with empty inventory. If the doctor run out of money, skip 24 hours he will have money again.

  6. So I have a VERY consistent problem. Only maybe 2 out of 5 rockets I shoot actually do anything on impact. The others simply glitch and dont fire or dont put them to sleep. And EVERY time I fire a rocket that doesnt do anything on impact, the very next bullet that hits me flatlines me in one single shot. But only right after a glitched out rocket.

  7. There's a spot like this between El Coyote Cojo and Valentino Alley, except the enemies are high level. Kindof. The issue I'm running into is I'm starting to get diminished returns on exp now and I wanted to grind on higher level enemies. I guess I'll keep looking because doing rounds killing hundreds of gangsters is fun and all, but I wanna hit 50 before completing my set due to s c a l i n g.


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