*GHOST HUNTERS* Imposter Mod in Among Us

We add a GHOST HUNTING Imposter in Among Us

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Mod Maker: Double Jump

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49 thoughts on “*GHOST HUNTERS* Imposter Mod in Among Us”

  1. Ask some one to make this mod I can't

    The Camouflage mod

    THERE IS 9 Spy's and have 10 seconds to hide
    When the imposter is defeating the door of the base

    The Robber Rules
    The robber is an imposter

    The point is to get 5 gems and unlocks Spy Goggles it scans the area
    When they scan the spy they kill them
    With 3 options
    Option 1: Manual KILL
    Option 2: Suffocate
    Option 3: Choke or laser gun
    They can vent but


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