Giving A Random Player $50,000 If We Win!

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23 thoughts on “Giving A Random Player $50,000 If We Win!”

  1. I hate to say this but you can tell this is fake. Sorry if u guys believed this video was real but it really isn't and here's why:

    The footage of this Joshie guy playing ISNT from replay mode, meaning he was obviously an actor unless they can literally hack his computer to get the footage of him playing.
    Not just this but his mums reaction to her son winning 50,000 dollars is just "We are gonna spend it well ESPECIALLY FORTNITE!" And considering its sponsored by epic, this is obviously a nod to convince people that maybe they have a chance to win money on fortnite! So then they go and install it, become addicted and spend money on the game, in the long run earning epic more money. Another thing to realise realise is how Mr Beast hasn't played fortnite for like 3 years, so I hate to say this but epic must have paid him ALOT of money to make this video, as fortnite is losing alot of popularity, making promoting it on literally one of the biggest youtubers on the planet is a smart move. Now although I do really respect Mr Beast as a person, I feel like this may just be him trying to earn money over making a enjoyable experience for the viewers. I know that when you grow it is hard to stop looking at the figures and focus on the people, but I would really appreciate it if he could at least try. No doubt Mr Beast is a great person and youtuber, but for the sake of him I personally feel like he might need to take a break from youtube, just so his head is in a better place. If everything that I said in this video is wrong then I send my full apologies to anyone that may have been taken a back by this statement. However this is how I feel on the matter. Thanks for all you have done Beast, youve made the world a better place 🙂


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