GIVING YONE A GO… – Unranked to Master: EUNE Edition | League of Legends

Today we’re playing some Yone, I know a lot of people are not a fan of this champion, I thought I’d give him a go and have a look. Game turns to be a pretty rough one but I was still shocked by the damage Yone can output. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Yone Mid Gameplay.

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GIVING YONE A GO… – Unranked to Master: EUNE Edition | League of Legends


12 thoughts on “GIVING YONE A GO… – Unranked to Master: EUNE Edition | League of Legends”

  1. Bro, you complain when there is a number advantage against you when your team doesn’t follow, but at the same time also complain when ur lane roams gets a kill, while you stay in lane to get farm or plates. Just a small observation

  2. Either have fun with Yone or don't play him I'd say. You bring up how OP he is while dying quite a bit. You also continuously mentioning how it's stupid that you almost 'one shot' people even though you're obviously pulling full combos like stacking Q, then going E>Q>W>R>Q>E (See 24:32 – Also he gets hit with an Ornn ult here AND is tanking Baron minions), or just E>R>Q>AA>Q>Ignite (See 22:54 – Also she gets Ornn ulted, is already 80% health, and was tanking Dragon). It's okay to think he's OP, and you bring up some good points, but there is a dissonance to this video that is really odd. You seem to be set on the fact that he's so OP and dumb while not realizing his weaknesses or the amount of damage you're actually contributing. When you were going 1v1 you didn't win. That doesn't mean he isn't OP, but only when your team had proper engages OR you had full combos AND didn't just TURBO INT into their whole team were you able to get any kills.


    Lol I digress..

    I know a lot of it has to do with the fact that you have to talk with your audience while playing too. Again, this video just doesn't jive with what you repeat the entire time. That's something I would be conscious of in the future. It was odd to watch, and I think you can do better. I'm no Yone main either.


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