Golden Freddy is in TROUBLE?! in Minecraft Security Breach

Golden Freddy is in TROUBLE?! in Minecraft Security Breach

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25 thoughts on “Golden Freddy is in TROUBLE?! in Minecraft Security Breach”

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  2. Me fly's in Goldie! Czilla it's you goldie it's been awhile me since these um looks at Roxanne in fear and says um since I've been helping recoop there memories goldie wow they forgot me Yaa Goldie you do realize I can give there memories back me um well you weren't there till now what took you goldie ya know I can return there memories right me now wait on that there's a old Freddy Fazbear in the back we need parts hmm πŸ€” New parts and looks at Glam rock Goldie part's like that ok and bing me I got work to do gtg and thanks Goldie your welcome me calls Gregory to meet near old Freddy Fazbear to upgrade him to Glam rock 1.0 Freddy and making the other 2.0


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