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Pierce Brosnan ignites the screen as James Bond in this explosive, thrill-packed adventure that pits him against a vengeful adversary who controls an awesome space weapon capable of global destruction.


47 thoughts on “Goldeneye”

  1. The action in this movie was outstanding, the music score was great and Brosnan brought it all together. Goldeneye by Tina Turner is probably the best song for any of the movies. Not to mention the game is the grandfather for all multiplayer shooters. Goldeneye is awesome – movie, song and game. Glad YT uploaded it for free to watch.

  2. Top 10 Bond movies…
    1- The Spy who loved me
    2- Goldfinger
    3- From Russia With love
    4- Her majesty’s Secret Service
    5- Casino Royale
    6- Goldeneye
    7- Dr No
    8- License To Kill
    9- Tomorrow Never Dies
    10- For your Eyes only

  3. The amount of nostalgia that emanates from this particular film is intense especially if you were a fan of the Nintendo 64 game as well. Brosnan was an excellent choice for Bond. For me it was impossible to accept Daniel Craig as Bond after Brosnan. Just too different. Craig doesn't have that Bond charisma or look that Brosnan or Dalton had. Although Craig is charismatic and good looking in a different way but not in a Bond way in my opinion.

  4. A tank is chasing the car; it's time for a drink…or two or three…from the flask…where's that bottle?

    And, it seems, no space antenna was a harmed during the filming of the movie. It's unfortunate, the real antenna is now failing and will be demolished; maybe in an explosive manner befitting the special effects of the movie.

  5. yeah the N64 Goldeneye game got me into 007 too. I skipped school 1 day to see 'Die Another Day' with a friend. Goldeneye is much better though and then Martin Campbell directed Daniel Craig as 007 in Casino Royale.

  6. Hate commercials?
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  7. Been on a James Bond kick lately! I guess its just that time of the year. Used to be Bond marathons on television right around New Years Eve. So thankful to be able to watch for free!


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