Goodbye Genshin Impact

It’s clear that the developers do not care about the game nor the players!

It’s time to say goodbye and part ways on a good note!
May we meet in the future if that is so….

The only way to make a change is to take a stand, vote with your wallets people! It’s time to hold developers responsible, this is what is wrong with the gaming industry. They think they can get away with anything….

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#genshin #databreach #2fa #genshin1

Players will never forgive, and will never forget. The data breached happened, you cannot hide it. Take responsibility mihoyo!

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Songs used:
Plastic Memories ost – Uneasy by Masaru Yokoyama / Satoshi Hino/ Megumi Toyoguchi

Plastic Memories ost- Memories by Masaru Yokoyama / Satoshi
Hino / Megumi Toyoguchi

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8 thoughts on “Goodbye Genshin Impact”

  1. Sadly for the people got hacked but eventually. Even with 2FA sets in place potentially hackers has ways to bypass the system. When Hackers sees a game where they can make profit its no brainer. These kinds of activities won't stop. Specially for those involve in 3rd party activities once your personal details got data breach even with 2FA has no ways to protect it. Cyberhacking is the modern art of War. Cars with self-driving manuever is also a target of mass destruction in the future.

  2. I completely understand, its just sad cuz developers did super good job, but CEO are so garbage its not even funny, perhaps they will change their way if obly a little somw day


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