Goodbye Wraith…Apex's Plan Moving into Season 11 with NEXT Legend

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Goodbye Wraith…Apex’s Plan Moving into Season 11 with NEXT Legend

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JMeyels Here,
Respawn’s Plan moving forward into the next season with apex’s NEXT LEGEND. Is this Goodbye Wraith? What is Respawn going to do moving forward? Let me know what you think of today’s Apex News!

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0:00 Intro
0:34 Youtuber Reveals NEXT LEGEND KILLS WRAITH
3:14 Apex Servers Updated Plan from Respawn
5:15 Apex YouTuber Blesses Our SOUL
6:39 Private Matches HINTS FROM EA?
7:18 Gold Nuggets
8:12 Outro

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28 thoughts on “Goodbye Wraith…Apex's Plan Moving into Season 11 with NEXT Legend”

  1. Wraith has needed a buff for so long. I ranted about this on another video. That her tactical needs to be shortened. It takes too long to start up plus she moves super slow when activating it while everyone else gets to move at full speed. Plus the fact her phase can cancel if you bump into a wall or rock urgh. Wraith has not been a fun legend to play for many many seasons. The only reason I and most other stick with her is we've spent all this time getting the stats up from day 1 to now. Its hard to just give up on it.

  2. Yeah I remember when Apex had 150k views daily, now it nothing almost compared to that lol. Also the servers will determine whether a lot of people play next season. You can bring all the content you want, but if no one can play, people will move on.

  3. Wraith was op because there was no one better than her and nothing could really counter her back then. Since ash will be a better version of wraith in her current state and there is a lot of legends Better than her, wraith’s old self would be fit into this meta and not be broken.

  4. I’ve been hearing the “Next season is the season where they fix everything and they stop being money hungry pigs” argument since season 4 and I’ve finally found the truth… EA has done this very thing and lied about the “improvements” that they are supposedly working on and continue to lie until the fans lose all hope and leave the game then the make another shitty game… look guys you’ve got to come to terms with the fact that EA will never change and there will be no “better season”… It hasn’t and never will happen… apex is and forever will be a great game that’s slightly broken and slightly unbalanced and slightly over priced and slightly unplayable and this will never stop… quit hoping and just play the game as is cause it’s never going to change. They are lying to you


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