GOTTA-GO SONG | Sonic.EXE Update 2.5/3.0 (Batman Sonic?) – Friday Night Funkin'

The scrapped sonic.exe 2.5/3.0 update planned for a lot more than what was originally showcased but this leaked song Gotta-Go is supposedly for the Batman Sonic. In this mod it has been showcased as something else entirely as sprites and a lot of the original work isn’t available.

Charted By Verecundius

Gotta-Go Song made by Churgney Gurgney

Mod Link Download:

0:00 – Intro
1:55 – Unfinished Monologue Part
2:38 – Majin Is Back

Cool people that worked on the mod:

Sonic.EXE Team (Credits not finished)

Creator of Hog/Artist

Wilde – Charting/Animation

VentiVR – Charting

Erick Animations – Animation

RightBurstUltra – Creator/Artist:

MarStarBro – Composer:

Comgaming_Nz – Director/Artist:

Vania – Composer:

UpTaunt – Composer:

GhostBunBun – Artist/Animator:

Punkett – Composer/Charter:

Jacaris – Composer:

Jack.exe – Coder

Crybit – Coder

Avery – Coder

Nebula – Coder

Saster – Composer

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Channel Gist:

My channel focuses on creating videos with modifications to a rythmic game called Friday Night Funkin’. These modifications include the art, music, and general style and theme being changed throughout the various videos I record and edit. My content is often used as a guides as they show the full playthrough of what I record, as well as making sure that my videos are well made through my editing style that focuses on being direct to my audience and to often immerse the viewer with effects that make my content more enjoyable to watch. All content showcased on my channel is recorded, played through and edited by me.

For any questions or requests feel free to contact me

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22 thoughts on “GOTTA-GO SONG | Sonic.EXE Update 2.5/3.0 (Batman Sonic?) – Friday Night Funkin'”

  1. Official:

    We now run as fast as we can

    Would you say it's gone to plan?

    Destination burning so bright

    Existence in shadows

    Escape from The Light.

    Now you'll see

    Come with me


  2. Fun Fact: This isn’t for Batman Sonic, but has been officially confirmed that it is a song for Lord X. How he got this voice will forever be unknown due to the cancellation of the mod. TnT

  3. Thanks for the gameplay of Gotta Go and other thanks for the lyrics (I'm French so I don't understand what he say). For a gameplay without the full work of devs it's awesome


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