GTA 5 Mod in Among Us!

GTA 5 in Among Us Mod! This Clutch Among Us we are Playing with Ssundee, Sigils, Henwy and Biffle in Among Us Mod Gameplay #Amongus #Gameplay #Mods

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  1. To be honest I'm a JoJo fan so just a JoJo mod find a arrow on the ground use it some stands do something and other stands to something else star platinum and the world can stop time and silver chariot can blind and same with to fire bird And the green stand can take control of a player. And so on and so on

  2. Idea for a mod: Make a mod called the miner mod. The imposter can turn into the miner called transform. The miner can put Cole on himself to go invisible called go invisible. The miner can send angry miners after someone called miners rage. The miner can make it rain Cole making a random person not including the imposter turn into Cole called Cole transform. The miner start a mini game where you have to mine Cole, iron, gold, diamonds emeralds, and amethyst, Cole = 1 points, iron = 5 points, gold = 10 points, diamonds = 25 points, emeralds = 50 points and amethyst gives you 75 points and there is 25 Cole, 15 iron, 10 gold, 5 diamonds and 3 emeralds and whoever has the least amount of points dies in Cole, iron, gold, diamonds, emeralds and amethyst called the mine, you can make a wall of Cole that can be broken with a pick axe that will respawn on the map every minute and when someone picks it up it respawns if you don’t have a pick axe you can wait a minute for it to disappear called Cole wall, and for each move needs points and to get points you need to mine in a diamond mine and there are 3 diamond mines and they spawn randomly on the map and for every second you mine in the diamond mine you get 5 points and the max points is 100, Cole wall takes 1 point, invisible takes 25 points, miners rage takes 24 points, the mine takes 50 points and finally mine takes 0 points since you need to use mine to mine in the diamond mine and don’t forget to turn the map into a mine. This took a long time to make and I had to right this again since I sed the same thing on your last video and I copied it and tried to paste it it didn’t paste so I had to take a picture on another device and look at it so I could remember what to type so plz make the mod for my suffering and I will like subscribe and turn on the notification bell on you and your friends

  3. Garfield mod:Garfield can drop a giant lasagna on crewmates,Garfield can also summon odies to drag crewmates to the imposter so he can kill them,Garfield can also summon John to carry someone to the oven(new room) to cook that person into a lasagna/dead body, Garfield can also click a button and there is a 50/50 chance that the person is free or gets eaten by the 3 dogs that chase Garfield.


    Alligator mod:

    Bite: get close enough to a crewmate to bite their head off. Countdown is 25 seconds. Bodies can be reported after.

    Tail: smash your tail against the ground and stun all crewmates in your vision. Cooldown is 20 seconds and crewmates are frozen for 5 seconds

    Roll: roll into a spike ball and kill all crewmates you touch. They can roll for 5 seconds and the cooldown is 45 seconds. Bodies the alligator leaves behind cannot be reported.

    Other: imposter can switch from Imposter to alligator. Once they change back to imposter they can't change back to the alligator for 25 seconds. While in alligator form you cannot vent or sabotage. If you can do this on Polus and make the map look like a swamp, that would be awesome. And then there is a new place on the map, the Alligator's home. In this home the alligator can push two different buttons.

    Button 1 – Flood: this button floods the map with swamp water, you have to get to the dropship, if you don't get to the dropship in 15 seconds, you die. The bodies left behind can be reported, and the cooldown is 120 seconds.

    Button 2 – alligator army: this button sends out 5 alligators that target the closest crewmate. These alligators are the same speed as the crewmates. You can only press this button every 100 seconds.
    The alligators from the button will disappear in 20 seconds.

    Other: you can only press the button when you are in alligator mode. The alligator cannot die during the flood, whether they are in imposter form or alligator form, they cannot die.


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