GTA 5 Online UPDATE! – SNOW IS GOING, Free Cars From Rockstar Games, DOUBLE MONEY, Discounts (GTA V)

GTA 5 Online – UPDATE! – FREE MONEY From Rockstar Games, FREE Cars, DOUBLE MONEY, New DLC! (GTA V)

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43 thoughts on “GTA 5 Online UPDATE! – SNOW IS GOING, Free Cars From Rockstar Games, DOUBLE MONEY, Discounts (GTA V)”

  1. Already won the Declasse Mamba also I'll miss the snow as it only occurs once a year I mean yeah flying is fcked up and driving in snow feels like shit but throwing snowballs at NPCs and players is really fun.

  2. All i see in these comments is people crying and complaining about the snow if you dont like it dont play that simple.I actually like it because its once a year and you can go offroading and drift.theres a bunch of crybabys in the comments i swear and most of them adults shut up.If you dont like it get out…✌✌✌✌

  3. Hopefully new event week they give us unlockables via "event cargo" rare items that haven't been in previous week's & brand new stuff & if ya don't get it then it won't be available in coming weeks , make people work for it & not just log in & unlock , I love the online lobby & everyone is going for it & there is an atmosphere & typical online lobby behaviour etc etc

  4. I am so glad to get rid of the F ING SNOW sorry about that. I was doing a CARO PRICO THING going to CARO PERICO on that stupid under powered stupid slow plane and crashed 2 minutes after take off. I cannot see a bloody thing. serious case of WHITE OUT and driving is a nightmare. I am glad to see it go away.

  5. that good old days when COVID -19 started its war on us that sale that lasted 10 to 12 weeks. that one week sale lasted 3 months to 4 months I know all of you got SICK OF IT JUST AS MUCH I DID. one of the cars on the worst sale in GTA OLINE got on the PODIUM I sold that car. its a great classic car. I hate looking at it so much I sold it, and it got on to the DIAMOND CASINO PODIUM what is ROCKSTAR GAMES are thinking? PUT SOMETHING NEW SOMETHING FANTASTIC NO so on my 3rd LUCK WHEEL SPIN I WON . it look great watching it land on the CAR SLOT. YES I WON GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT! and then JUMPING FOR JOY AND OHHHHHH NOT THAT the car I hated I WON IT HO HO HOOHHHH and ON THAT BOMB SHELL ITS TIME TO END GOOD NIGHT

  6. its such a pointless move to turn off snow for what… one day+? lol just keep it going until the third day of next year or something. go remove GM glitches and fix what you broke with the update instead.

  7. Personally i was disapointed by the gta snow online i wish that the snow would of been a lot more like the north yankton realistis snow not basically snow that was not worst then gta online rain


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