GTA V 100% Speedrun in 9:33:58 (World Record)

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Grand Theft Auto V’s 100% (No Mission Skips) category hasn’t seen too much attention in the past year, with only Saurus88 doing a couple of runs to get world record a few months ago. With all the new strats that have been found for the game in the past year, lots and lots of optimisations, and a few routing changes, I could improve my PB from a year ago by a huge amount. The endgame time goal for this category should be around 9:25 with current strats, which I will be trying to grind for on stream.

The only rule for this category is that usage of the game’s “mission skip” function is not allowed.

The requirements for 100% completion are:
69 main missions
42 hobbies and pastimes
20 strangers and freaks (all of Franklin’s ones)
14 random events
16 miscellaneous


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