GUNS UP! (PS5 60fps) – Defense & Retaliation! (Season 68)

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21 thoughts on “GUNS UP! (PS5 60fps) – Defense & Retaliation! (Season 68)”

  1. ODYTSAK !!! Έχω μια πολύ δύσκολη πρόκληση για σένα. Συλλέξτε τους βετεράνους αλεξιπτωτιστές επιπέδου 3 και στη συνέχεια επιτεθείτε στη βάση χρησιμοποιώντας μόνο αλεξιπτωτιστές και έναν στρατιώτη ασπίδας

  2. ACTUALly, he's got a pretty weak base. I've beaten him very easily few weeks ago…

    Beside that, Odytsak said before that his base is made for challenges and missions, not for defense.

  3. What are the requirements to join your alliance? And are you able to guess how many acrive ps4/5 Players are out there? Bc in my alliance the majority of activr players seems to be playing on the ps whereas PC looks to be mostly dead

  4. Hi odystak and all, I'm Actual_Happiness on Guns up
    in fact, I said that I faced both you and Rabah this season
    and that your base is weaker than Rabah's base
    since I lost against Rabah and won against you
    there was no boasting and I didn't say your base is weak
    and I learned a lot from your informative videos
    it's just the game that bring random opponents
    really my base needs restructuring 🙂
    thanks for posting this video dear mate

  5. Hey my man, gotta ask. When was the last time this game was updated? I love it and all but it seems lacking in content. And were vehicles gonna be added? I see them in thumbnails a lot.


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