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Welcome to The Nerf Report here are today’s top headlines from the world of video games.

343 Industries has revealed that Halo Infinite will ship in Fall of 2021. https://twitter.com/nerdist/status/1336458851802112007?s=20

Cyberpunk 2077 dropped a brand new launch trailer for the game. https://twitter.com/WWG/status/1336435788809179136?s=20

BUNGIE confirmed that Cross Play is coming to Destiny 2 in 2021 https://twitter.com/BryantChappel/status/1336388743683567616

NFL player Marshawn Lynch is becoming a playable character in Predator Hunting Grounds https://twitter.com/WWG/status/1336371388463140864?s=20

IO Interactive shared a first look at Hitman 3 Gameplay with a new trailer https://twitter.com/Nibellion/status/1336310207329284099?s=20

Google Stadia users can stream to Youtube directly from the platform. https://twitter.com/GoogleStadia/status/1336355072968544257

Speaking of Stadia the platform is receiving 8 new games this week https://twitter.com/GoogleStadia/status/1336355072968544257

Facebook launched the Black Gaming Creator Program today https://twitter.com/tubefilter/status/1336444463120609281?s=20

Star Wars Kinghts of the Old Republic the sith lords is coming to mobile devices on December 18th https://twitter.com/Nibellion/status/1336312529669271554?s=20

Minecraft now supports RTX on Windows 10 https://twitter.com/Nibellion/status/1336310586364334080?s=20

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Expansion is now the fastest selling pc game of all time https://twitter.com/engadgetgaming/status/1336335997072642051?s=20

The Prince of Persia The Sands of Time Remake has been delayed until March 18th 2021 https://twitter.com/ZhugeEX/status/1336300363167789057?s=20

Call of the Sea and Monster Sanctuary have been added to Xbox Game Pass. https://twitter.com/WWG/status/1336460047518470145

Youtube gaming today that 2020 has seen 100 billion hours of watched gaming content https://twitter.com/Fwiz/status/1336303255203106820?s=20




Halo Infinite Delayed Again | Stadia YouTube Streaming | Destiny 2 Cross Play – The Nerf Report


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