Halo Infinite Release Date & Overhauled Visuals REVEALED

Josh and Ben-Roy dive into 343i’s newly revealed plans for Halo: Infinite

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30 thoughts on “Halo Infinite Release Date & Overhauled Visuals REVEALED”

  1. Let the game live! Halo CE is still my absolute favorite game of all time, even with its older mechanics. That said, I’m glad they’re taking time and making this game better. With everything in the lore currently, this feels to be the end of the Master Chief, and as hard as it feels to think that, they need to make this the best game in the series.

    Oh, and no matter how much I love the assault rifle from Halo CE, that thing is so clunky lol gotta say BR. (I understand why it had 60 rounds)

  2. What does it say about the state of a lot of modern games that giving a team enough time to complete the game properly is worth highlighting? Shouldn't that happen with ALL games? (before anyone says it I'm aware that's rarely how the video game industry works)

  3. If you have seen the leaked pictures of multiplayer, so far it seems very good. Plus 343 confirm that there will be no microtransactions. Thank God. The only thing I can complain about is the delay but it's a small price to pay to actually get a finished game

  4. The fact that halo infinite got delayed an entire year just goes to show how right all of us were to be concerned when we saw the gameplay footage. I can’t believe they were actually gonna release it, it would be out right now if fans wouldn’t have spoken up

  5. The gears/halo veterans are the biggest boomers and are going to be the death of the franchise. 5s campaign was pretty bad but they were trying to do something different like 4. The old formula was getting so stale and to me, it honestly was. To me, besides the rec packs (which honestly did not bother me) the multi-player was perfect. The franchise needs to evolve and change hopefully for the better. When they combined both art styles in this one that got me excited.

  6. For me i really want halo infinite to make the biggest impact and take the game world by storm but imo as long as i feel like a 1 man army and the gun feels super good, im happy. Graphics are a "as long as it looks really nice im good" type thing. But i want to be amazing more for xbox series x and microsoft not fot 343. 343 royally screw up halo 4, 5 and now this release date. They are NOT make me very happy right now.

  7. It's concerning that they showed this game off and would have already released it if there hadn't been a public backlash, what does that say about 343i and Microsoft? It definitely doesn't say they have good quality control, that's for sure.


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