Halo Infinite will be SUPERIOR live service game over Fortnite, Valorant, and Apex

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20 thoughts on “Halo Infinite will be SUPERIOR live service game over Fortnite, Valorant, and Apex”

  1. Highly doubt Infinite will beat Fortnite, it has so much appeal to the younger generation, events and numerous big brand deals for skins. We haven't seen much of Infinite nor the systems they're implementing, I wouldn't say "it's going to be the best live service", you're just setting yourself up for disappointment at that point. We don't know what the reception will be and Infinite will release around the same time as the next COD, Destiny 2 Witch Queen expansion, etc, there'll be a lot of competition come Fall/Winter.

  2. Bruh 343 can say fuck it content straight from books like unfinished AR or character skins and armours from books like (not read any books) in that battle where 2 Spartans survived 343 can put them in the game and their clean armour for customisation 😀

  3. I doubt it’ll take out CoD and with Destiny’s roadmap, I’ve already got back into that and have a great time with the OG community. Right now, based on true quality, Destiny and bungie still rule on best even and fair live service shooter.

    At this point, I’m holding all judgement until I see gameplay and real release trailers. I can’t take 343 by their word any longer. I’m not liking how it’s taking shape, but if they can do this well, it might be good but if they prioritize MP over lore and story, or give us very little story but over 50 new customizing options to buy, I won’t be playing long.

    We’ll see what happens in summer. Thnx for the update playa

  4. I normally don’t buy microtranctions right away you have to put out good cosmetics and stuff if you want me to buy microtranctions(sometimes I wait a couple months and I decide whether to spend money on the game I’m playing)


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